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10 najważniejszych miejsc, które musisz zobaczyć

1. Schonbrunn Palace

You will see on your own eyes amazing Imperial Rooms with bunch of extra Bergl rooms. Explore Rococo style apartments of Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Elisabeth, find out their secret stories from your guide and admire wealth everywhere around you!


2. Schonbrunner Gardens

Start your exploration from Schlosspark, explore this huge area from east to west while listening to the story of Habsburg family and how this Park developed through the years. On the way admire fabolous combinations of architecture like Angel Fountain and nature. See the beauty which was honored inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


3. The Hofburg

Meet the true Habsburg empire! Explore the whole palace complex with museums. Look around the rich residence with magnificent gardens. Enjoy a visit to the richest part of Hofburg - Imperial Treasury - where the famous Holy Lance and Order of the Golden Fleece are shown.


4. St. Stephen's Cathedral

During this tour your guide will lead you to St. Stephen's Cathedral. See exceptional style and idea of roof. It’s Austria's most prominent national symbol and one of the highest cathedrals in Europe. Step inside, be amazed by the stunning interior, fabulous altars and rich chambers!


5. Sisi Museum

Sisi Museum presents over 300 personal items that belonged to Elisabeth like her dresses, parasols, gloves, beauty preparations. It shows her beauty cult, obsession with being slim and athletic performance.


6. Imperial Treasury Vienna

Use your tickets and explore one of the biggest collections of Holy Roman Empire and Austrian heritage. Inside you will find the Imperial Crown, famous Holy Lance and Order of the Golden Fleece and there is more!


7. Historic Center of Vienna

Explore huge and fascinating historic centre of Vienna with great commentary from your private 5-Stars guide. Admire its rich and beautiful architecture, including Baroque castles and gardens, as well as the late-19th-century Ringstrasse lined with grand buildings, monuments and parks.


8. Haus der Musik

Very modern and interactive Sound Museum and one of a kind in the world. Five floors are dedicated to the fascinating world of music. Possible to enter in our tours.


9. Austrian National Library

Look at the beautiful facade of Baroque State Hall. Inside ceiling has great frescoes and it houses the National Library including papyrus & globe museum.


10. Peterskirche

Small from outside, but rich inside. You will enter it with a guide and see the gorgeous interior. It delights its murals, paintings and domed roof with lots of gilding.