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10 najważniejszych miejsc, które musisz zobaczyć


1. Marienplatz

This prominent public square, the largest in Munich, still stands as the center of social activity in the city, much as it has throughout history. Locals say that this is the heart of city. From here you will see one of the symbols of Munich - New Town Hall.


2. English Garden

Take a moment and admire the surrounding nature in the English Garden - a perfect spot for relaxation and rest. There you will also find the Japanese teahouse. This park also hides some monuments and interesting stories.


3. Nymphenburg Palace

Visit Nymphenburg Palace - one of the first royal palaces in Europe. Its beautiful baroque architecture and decoration will blow your mind. Step inside and see exceptional style, be amazed by the stunning interior and admire the rich decorations.


4. Residenz

Meet Residenz - the largest city palace in Germany. The inside of the Palace hides not only the extraordinary interior, but also the unique treasury. Step inside, explore and see wealth on your own eyes!


5. Oktoberfest

Celebration of hop, literally "October holidays", and one of the favorite pastimes of the Germans! It is the biggest beer celebration in the world. Find out fascinating facts about this festival or discover history inside Bier und Oktoberfest museum.


6. New Town Hall

On Marienplatz is richly ornamented in neo-gothic style New Town Hall. It shows almost the entire line of the house of Wittelsbach in Bavaria. The Glockenspiel in the tower balcony of is world famous and worth seeing. Since 1908, figurines representing stories from Munich’s history twirl on two levels daily at few times. It’s a great show!


7. Asamkirche

Move toward Asamkirche and see breathtaking baroque architecture. Step inside and let yourself be amazed by the beauty of this place. This baroque church was built from 1733 to 1746 by the brothers, sculptor and painter, as their private chapel.


8. St. Peter's Church

Take a look at this 11th-century cathedral, the city's oldest remaining church, is best known for its beautiful golden interior. Its 91-metre tower is known as “Alter Peter” and it is considered as one of the emblems of the city.


9. Viktualienmarkt

The Viktualienmarkt is perfect place to take a break and enjoy the ambiance. Don’t hesitate to try local specialities and taste one of the Bavarian beers. It’s a Must-Do! Here you will discover most of local cuisine and life of locals.


10. Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena in Munich is one of the most modern stadium in the world. Immerse yourself in FC Bayern world and visit the museum where all of the won trophies and amazing exhibits are located. It is a Must-Do for all the football fans, but also as unique sight represented culture of Munich!