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10 recommended places to visit

The city is known as the City of the Seven Towers because of the numerous churches that have been built here throughout history. Lübeck is also known for its maritime part, Travemünde, a seaside resort and the largest German port in the Baltic Sea.

1. Old Town

The historical part of the city is located on a small island that we can easily explore on foot. Old Town is full of churches with stunning towers and remains of defensive city walls. Here you will meet true history of Lubeck.


2. Holstentor

It is the proud symbol of the history of Lübeck as an empire-free city and its supremacy in the Baltic Sea region. The exhibition introduces you to the places where the long-distance merchant worked, the history of the city, its topography and architecture.


3. Marienkirche

Formerly, there was a wooden, and later a stone temple. However, wealthy merchants from the Hanseatic city wanted one that would dazzle newcomers. And this is how the Marienkirche impresses every tourist.


4. Lubecker Weihnachtsmarkt

Every year Lubeck Old Town offers a unique Advent experience in the historical part of the city. Around the Lübeck town hall you can join the best Christmas Market. Get Christmas handicrafts, decorations, jewelry or taste gingerbread and mulled wine.

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5. Rathaus

A trained eye will notice elements of several different architectural styles. Rathaus is one of the most valuable preserved monuments and a lot could be said about it. It is a heart of Old Town.


6. Schwerin Castle

From everywhere, the magnificent building squeezes into the field of vision and into the visual aisles in a seductive manner. Its towering ups and downs, its warm colors, its overwhelming backdrop day and night make the Schwerin Castle special for every visitor.


7. St. Peter's Church

It is true that St. Peter's Church was destroyed in a bombing during the war, but one feature of it has delighted for years. This is the view from the top of the tower. Especially when it is sunny the reflections in water of river around Old Town has beautiful charm.


8. Lubeck Cathedral

The cathedral is famous for the works of art that have been collected here over the years. Some were destroyed, but some have survived to this day. A historic altar, tomb chapels, a medieval crucifix by Bernt Notke and a beautiful ornate clock have survived to our times.


9. St. Jakobi Church

The temple is sometimes called "marine" because of the Wittenkapelle chapel dedicated to people who died at sea. It was a lifeboat from the German sailing ship "Pamir" and it was placed here in St. Jakobi Church.


10. Buddenbrookhaus

A must-see for lovers of the classics of literature! This bourgeois tenement house belonged to the Mann family for almost half a century, from which the famous writer and Nobel Prize winner Thomas Mann came. Besides, it has a beautiful facade.