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8 recommended places to visit

Beautiful as Rostock is, it also boasts an impressive history spanning 800 years! As one of the most important members of the medieval Hanseatic League, Rostock amassed a great deal of wealth building the ships that crossed the Baltic Sea.

1. St. Mary’s Church

St Mary's Church survived the bombings of the WWII without serious damage. It is also very first church in Rostock. Come here to see the medieval baptismal font, two altars, and above all, the original and functional astronomical clock!


2. Old Town

Today, it is quiet and peaceful here, and the low houses bring to mind a small-town landscape. Against their background, the Gothic Church of St. Peter with a grotesque wooden tower stands out. It used to be a landmark for ships and one of the symbols of the city.


3. Lubeck City

The city is known as the City of the Seven Towers because of the numerous churches that have been built here throughout history. Lübeck is also known for its maritime part, Travemünde and the largest German port in the Baltic Sea. Take a trip from Rostock and see Holstentor, Cathedral, Rathaus and much more!


4. Schwerin Castle

This magnificent building squeezes into the field of vision and into the visual aisles in a seductive manner. Its towering ups and downs, its warm colors, its overwhelming backdrop day and night make the Schwerin Castle special for every visitor. Take the trip from Rostock.


5. Culture Museum Rostock

Explore this museum that boasts a huge cultural collection, housed in the 13th century Abbey, the Convent of the Holy Cross. Founded in 1859, this cultural center is one of the most important places to document the history of the culture of the middle class in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.


6. Neuer Markt

The center of life of locals. Here you will find the best places to enjoy lunch or relax. The eye is attracted by an unusual fountain by Waldemar Otto. In the center is a seated seagull. The bird is surrounded by four gods associated with water: Neptune, Triton, Nereus and Proteus.


7. University of Rostock

The monumental building of the University of Rostock was built in a beautiful Neo-Renaissance style. The buildings were built in the 19th century, but the institution has been operating since 1419. In summer, it is a favorite place for everyone to relax!


8. Ostseebad Warnemünde

Near the city you will find Ostseebad Warnemunde. A lovely beach, sandy and an active Baltic sea. Fantastic for walks or just chilling. Has a charm all of its own and the sun hits it in interesting ways. Peaceful and relaxing but close to everything.