Poland Weather – What You Should know About Poland Climate


Are you planning a trip to Poland?  Are you wondering what Poland’s weather is like?  How is the Climate in Poland?  And when is the best time to visit? Well!! We have all the answers. Just read this blog till the end, and you will get an insight on when to go, and what to Read More

What is a Digital Green Certificate & its need for Europe travel

We are all well aware of the havoc caused by the coronavirus pandemic all over the world and how it has affected everyone’s travel plans. However, as the vaccination process in the  European Union (EU) proceeds, let’s find out what a Digital Green Certificate is and how it is related to travelling in the EU Read More

12 Things You Should know about Christmas Traditions in Poland

Polish Christmas traditions are something everyone should experience, at least once in their lifetime. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and literally, everyone is celebrating. When you think about Christmas in Poland the first thought is ‘Family’ and the Poles cannot imagine celebrating Christmas alone. You can feel the spirit of the festival Read More

Where is the Tri-City of Poland?


When you think of Poland, the first things that may come to your mind are the top quaint historical places in this country. But have you ever thought about the sun, sandy beaches, and pretty little coastal towns? A beach may sound highly unlikely. But here’s where you’re mistaken. The country can be a dazzling Read More

Tips for a Visit to the Wieliczka Salt Mine near Krakow, Poland


A trip to Poland is incomplete without taking a Krakow salt mine tour. This impressive mine is visited by more than 1.5 million visitors every year, this makes Krakow salt mine one of the most popular attractions in Poland. The tour is special as you will see salt-carved chandeliers, walk on floors made of salt, Read More

The Most Beautiful Places in Poland

As a country Poland has a rich history and culture of almost a thousand years. It is home to stunning medieval architecture, castles and palaces in every city, and remnants of the Second World War and its devastation. Besides this, Poland also has a number of national parks, mountains, lakes, and seemingly endless trails cutting Read More

The History of Auschwitz Gate

warsaw to auschwitz

Opened in 1940, Auschwitz was the largest of the German Nazi concentration and death camps. Auschwitz is located in southern Poland and initially served as a detention centre for political prisoners. However, as time passed by, it was developed into a death camp where Jewish people and other presumed enemies of the German Nazi’s were Read More

Mozart Operas – Key Facts of Top 10 Operas by Mozart


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (27th January 1756 – 5th December 1791) is one of the finest and most inspirational composers in the history of European music. During his lifetime he composed over 600 works for all musical genres which include operas, symphonies, concertos, chamber music, and sonatas. He excelled in each one of them and was Read More

Where is Auschwitz?

  Are you planning to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp? But not sure where it is? What to expect? How to get there? Which tour to choose from? We have answered all these questions in this guide, read on and find out.   Why is Auschwitz an important Place? Of all the concentration camps in Read More

Where to Eat Traditional Polish Food in Gdansk


Polish cuisines may not be very popular across the world, but it has its own place when it comes to heartiness and taste. Being a mixture of Slavic and foreign culinary traditions, a traditional Polish meal includes several varieties of soups, meats, and vegetable staples. Some of the important Polish dishes include the Pierogi (Polish Read More