Your Pocket City Travel Guide To Krakow, Poland

The city of Kraków translates to Krakow or Cracow in English. It is one of the oldest and second-largest cities in Poland. Located by the Vistula River it’s also cited as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. In this Krakow travel guide we will cover the top attractions in Krakow in terms of Read More

Hidden Gems of Vienna

Magnificent Baroque architecture, imperial palaces, and a history that dates back to more than thousands of years, the capital city of Austria, Vienna is a beautiful city rich in culture, character, and history. The streetscapes of Vienna too, are wrapped in old-world magic, thanks to the grandeur and abundance of music and arts. This is Read More

Plan You Tour to Auschwitz from Warsaw


Often tourists visiting Warsaw are faced with asking themselves whether or not they should make a visit to Auschwitz. It’s indeed a difficult question for most. They may come up with several excuses like: not having enough time, already knowing about the history, not feeling personally connected with the place or feeling uncomfortable about the Read More

Experience Gdansk on Retro Golf Cart

From a rich history to medieval architecture to World War II museums, Poland’s port city should not be missed out by history buffs and by those who are looking for a budget-friendly break from city life. Just imagine relaxing by the beachside, sipping on your favorite cocktail, and not worrying about tomorrow. Pure bliss! The Read More

Can you visit Auschwitz today?

warsaw to auschwitz

Most people might have heard about World War II and the infamous German Nazis who were popular for ‘exterminating’ people. It can be one of your worst nightmares that can give you countless sleepless nights. One of the worst affected countries during World War II was Poland.  The German Nazis had their most notorious concentration Read More

8 Best Beer Tours Destination in Poland


With its brewing traditions dating back to the medieval times, Poland is surely one of the beer-loving countries in Europe. In Poland, beer is produced by large breweries which are owned by multinational companies, and small regional breweries, crafts and brewing pubs. Few breweries open their doors for visitors, who get an insight of the Read More

Things to do in Tricity of Poland

As a traveller you have heard of tricycles and triathlons but do you know where the famous TriCity is?  The answer is Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot are three cities on the coast of Poland. These cities are interconnected and are called TriCity (Trójmiasto). Each of them is unique in its own way and none of Read More

10 Distinctively Polish Things to Buy in Warsaw


In the last few years, Warsaw is seeing an increase in a number of retail stores sprouting across the city, attracting both big and small brands. From shopping malls to small boutiques, flea markets and designer fashion labels, Warsaw is indeed a great place for shopping. If you’re planning a Warsaw City Tour or maybe Read More

Best Places to Visit Near Krakow

Krakow city is the second-largest in Poland and offers a variety of tourist attractions.  The city is home to historic Old Town architecture, traditionally Jewish districts, green forested parks, castles, and stunning bridges. But if you truly want to experience Poland then you must consider venturing out for a day’s trip from Krakow. During the Read More

Munich Oktoberfest 2021

Munich Oktoberfest attracts plenty of tourists each year and has been steered successfully for the last 200 years! The Oktoberfest is the biggest celebration of beer and Bavarian culture. Approximately six million people attend this event every year ! The fest grounds are adorned with beer tents, filled with people from all over the world. Read More