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8 recommended places to visit

Bialystok is distinguished by many Renaissance, Gothic and Classicist buildings situated among forests, parks and nature reserves. This makes Bialystok city a “green city” with an interesting route to explore. See impressive Branickis' Palace or admire Warszawska Street.

1. Branicki Palace

Visit beautiful Branicki Palace, called also “Polish Versailles”. It’s Top attraction in Bialystok. It delights every visitors by amazing decorations. And there is breathtaking garden which belongs to the palace. Hear fascinating history related with this family and the town.


2. Cathedral Basilica

The building impresses with its size and interesting history. Red brick and two soaring towers are the most characteristic elements of Archcathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Bialystok. You won’t miss it.


3. Kosciuszko Market Square

Generally very touristic places where you can eat, drink and watch local life. But your guide will tell you some secrets about Kosciuszko Market Square. It is a nice place and pleasant to the eye.


4. Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic

This one is true gem here in Podlasie. The architects made unique construction of Opera and Philharmonic in Bialystok. It’s truly a delightful and interesting view. And it’s jest a introduction what fascinating can be inside during shows!


5. St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

In Bialystok you will discover a small, but still significant trail of Jewish Heritage and culture. Marvel at St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church as it is one of the most important churches related with this culture.


6. Holy Spirit East Orthodox Church

Step further and see the outstanding Holy Spirit East Orthodox Church! This one is a masterpiece of architecture. And it is admitted around the world. Fabolous domes and towers will impress you for sure!


7. St. Roch's Basilica

Erected on a hill with an 83-meter tower, it is the most interesting example of modernism in Polish sacred architecture. Visit St. Roch's Basilica and discover all interesting facts about building and as well its history.


8. The Grand Synagogue Memorial

True symbol of Jewish Culture in Bialystok. As you will see Grand Synagogue Memorial you will find out why it is so important. It commemorates tragic events from the past. Have a look and reflections here.