Take a trip back in time to the Middle Ages and explore Lübeck, known as the “City of Seven Towers.” See the astonishing Holsten Gate, St Peter’s Church, Lübeck Cathedral, St Mary’s Church, Heiligen-Geist-Hospital and other Old Town’s landmarks.

  • Experience a Full-Day Trip from Hamburg to Lübeck with a 5-Stars Private Guide
  • Walk through  Lübeck’s city center, Germany’s most extensive UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Explore the outstanding Holsten Gate and Holstentor Museum to learn about the city’s fascinating history
  • Visit the majestic St Mary’s Church and see its breathtaking interiors
  • Marvel at the most stunning brick architecture of this medieval city

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Add a touch of adventure to your stay in Hamburg by visiting the charismatic Lübeck. Explore the charming allays of Lübeck’s Old Town to get a feeling of what urban life was like hundreds of years ago. Admire the abundance of unique red brick buildings and see UNESCO-listed landmarks.

The walking tour of Lübeck will begin at the Holsten Gate. This unique Brick Gothic construction is one of the two still standing relics of the city’s medieval fortifications, characterized by two-round towers and arched entrance. Apart from being an architectural masterpiece, the gate is a home to the city’s history museum. In the Holstentor Museum, you will see antique ship models, suits of armor, weapons and other artifacts related to commerce, power, and wealth.

As you enter the Old Town and head towards the St Peter’s Church, you will see Salzspeicher, a row of riverside salt warehouses from the 16th-18th centuries. Walking through the narrow medieval streets, you will quickly get a feeling as if you’re lost in time. Next on the sightseeing list will be the majestic 13th century Lübeck Cathedral, followed by the charming St Aegidien Church. You will then walk towards the most stunning market square where you’ll be able to spot the authentic City Hall.

Your Local Expert-Guide will then take you to the elegant Gothic Church of St Mary. Inside, you will be astonished by the gravity-defying high ceiling, a spectacular wall clock and a bell that fell from the tower,  hit the floor and was left there for everyone to admire. You will then stroll towards the St Catherine’s Church and the St Jacob Church. Both represent yet another fantastic example of medieval brick design.

The tour will pass by the precursor of modern hospitals, the Heiligen-Geist-Hospital, and head towards the city’s harbor with more than 20 historic ships on display. The last stop will be the Drehbrücke bridge. Before heading back to Hamburg, your mind will be blown away with fascinating stories about Lübeck’s traders, marchants, and commerce.

  • Private Full-Day Trip from Hamburg to Lübeck with a sightseeing tour of city’s medieval landmarks
  • All the way service of 5-Stars Guide with Official License speaking fluently in chosen language
  • Regular ticket to the Holstentor Museum at  the Holsten Gate (6-hours option)
  • Regular ticket to St Mary’s Church (6-hours option)
  • Private transport in air-conditioned car with pick up and drop off service in Hamburg

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  • St Mary’s Church is open for visitors daily from 10 AM to 4-6 PM, however sightseeing might be limited due to the daily masses and other church services