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10 recommended places to visit

The island of Usedom belongs to Poland and Germany, which creates a very interesting mix of cultures and attractions. Usedom itself is an island with fantastic beaches and hills. But we want to show you the best attractions in the near area. So take a trip and enjoy your time!


1. The Pomeranian Dukes' Castle

See the pride of Szczecin - the Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle. Get familiar with great history of Duchy of Pomerania and admire richly decorated buildings. Walk around fantastic courtyards and feel Medieval vibes.


2. Lakes and beaches of Usedom

On the one hand, it is a picturesque resort, and on the other hand, it is still an undiscovered and wild area. The island of Usedom has over 40 km of beautiful, wide, sandy beaches. The landscape is not uniform - there are cliffs, lakes and beautiful dunes here.


3. Swinoujscie

You need to walk along the local Swinoujscie Promenade. It's a lovely place for relaxing walks with nice restaurants and patisseries and of course a view of the sea. Enter the beach with endless white sand and waves hitting your feet and forest behind your back.


4. The Lighthouse

Famous for surrounded stories and famous because it was the first lighthouse in Poland and also at the Baltic coast. It is one of the symbols of Swinoujscie! Entrance to the tower is possible and from here you can feel like a real lighthouse keeper and observer.


5. Stawa Młyny

Experience amazing walk to Stawa Młyny. This place is a symbol of Swinoujscie and fairway navigation sign, it’s actually fantastic windmill at the end of breakwater. Perfect place for commemorative photo.


6. Miedzyzdroje Pier

Check fantastic Międzyzdroje city, it’s famous for its over 400 m long Pier! Walk around and see local beauty! In Międzyzdroje you will also find many attractions for your kids and whole failu. Cross the Alley of Fame and try to figure out famous artists!


7. Oceanarium Międzyzdroje

Enter amazing Oceanarium and see exotic fishes swimming over your head, there are colourful fishes from wild coral reef, sharks and stingrays! Also see fantastic exhibitions where kids can touch, play and learn easily about marine world.


8. Baltic Miniature Park

Baltic Miniature Park is a fantastic area, where you can have a careful look at the most important sights in Poland like Malbork Castle and Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle, you can walk around all Baltic Coastline and visit neighbouring countries.


9. Bison Farm

Visit this special place which allows you to touch a rare nature. We talk about Bison farm! Look carefully around and you will be one of a lucky beggars who see rare species like bisons in their daily activities.


10. Wolin National Park

The park is abundant in white beaches, small islands in the sea, pine and beech forests, dune spit, as well as cliffs. All this things together represent big and differential local nature and create unforgettable views in visitors minds.