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10 recommended places to visit

Discover gorgeous Innsbruck called the “Bridge over the Inn”. It is the capital of Austria’s Tirol and home to one of Europe’s most delightful historic old town centres. Surrounded by the craggy peaks of the Austrian Alps, it scores both as an Alpine playground and as a showcase for Habsburg Empire heritage.


1. Old Town of Innsbruck

In the Old Town of the city we can find a lot architectural gems like the splendid Imperial Palace give visitors a palpable sense of the elegance and wealth. Nearby Court Church you will find empty tomb of Emperor Maximilian I and the City Tower provides sweeping views of the old town and the Golden Roof!


2. Maria-Theresien-Strasse

You will be impressed by the architectural values and the well-groomed condition of this street. There are some interesting baroque buildings built by wealthy townspeople. Walking down this street you will find great buildings, picturesque surroundings and great places to eat.


3. Museum Hofburg

Meet the true Habsburg empire! Explore the whole palace complex with museums. Look around the rich residence with magnificent imperial apartments. Enjoy a visit to the The Giants' Hall of Hofburg - Riesensaal - contains paintings of Maria Theresa's children and grandchildren..


4. Golden Roof

Situated at the heart of the Old Town district, the Golden Roof is the landmark of Innsbruck – the late Gothic oriel with loggia was built for Emperor Maximilian I and is adorned with 2,657 fire-gilt copper tiles.


5. Court Church

It is the most significant monument of Tyrol and the most striking emperor's grave-site of Europe! It has multiple amazing statues and sculptures, so it makes this sacral building great fusion of art and history. Situated at the edge of Innsbruck’s lovely Old Town.


6. Alps

What makes the greatest impression and shapes the character of this city are the Alps! These mountains surround it on all sides. The view is stunning and marvelous. It is in these mountains that the greatest fans of winter sports visit each year, but also the most important games are held.


7. Innsbruck Cathedral

Church of St. James’ Cathedral has towered majestically over the roofs of Innsbruck and been part of the most important medieval Christian pilgrimage route. The cathedral was badly damaged by earthquakes in the 16th and 17th centuries and was rebuilt between 1717 and 1724. Famous German painter Albrecht Dürer also greatly admired the impressive appearance of this significant sacred building and immortalised it in his famous watercolour.


8. St. Anna's Column

St. Anne's Column was erected in the centre of Maria Theresien Street to commemorate the liberation of Tyrol from the Bavarian troops. On top of the Corinthian column made of red marble is a statue of St. Mary. Surrounding the column are statues of the Saints Kassian, Vigilius, George and Anne, built by Christoforo Bendetti, an Italian sculptor from Trento.


9. Triumphal Arch

This bow is just gorgeous! It was established in 1795 on the occasion of the wedding of one of the sons of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria. The arch, apart from its architectural and historical values, is an excellent landmark and a starting point for all trips around the city.


10. Ambras Castle

Picturesquely perched on a hill high above Innsbruck, Ambras Castle is the focal point of a delightful English landscape garden with duck pond and playground. The beautifully preserved romantic Renaissance-style castle includes Europe’s oldest collection of arts, armouries and books.