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5 recommended places to visit

From this small town on Rugen Island you can jump out to explore the best highlights around. On the whole island you have countless wild beaches, cliffs, forests and other natural wonders. Meet them all in the best part - Hiddensee.


1. Hiddensee

Discover the true gem of North Germany and go for an exploration on Hiddensee island! This place will amazed you by its beauty and natural wildness. Hiddensee is attracted by amazing stories about this place, called by the locals "Sweet little country" because of the kingdom of sea buckthorn.


2. Dornbusch lighthouse

The most characteristic and probably the most beautiful part of the island seems to be the National Park and the centrally located Dornbusch Lighthouse. This place is shrouded in legends and stories about seafarers.


3. Kloster

Entering Kloster, we realize that we are entering a village where the largest number of German writers, poets and painters per square meter once gathered. It is area with multiple small adorable houses.


4. Vitte

Vitte is the place with the most beautiful beaches. Here, strong winds of the dangerous Baltic Sea hit the shore and combine with the power of the waves. The perfect place for moments of nostalgia and relaxation.


5. Hiddensee Heather Fields

You will find many species of plants and trees on the walking trails. The local coastal vegetation is rich in sea buckthorn and heather. As the heather blooms, it literally creates purple fields. So lovely!