Witness the war crimes and remember the lives lost in the Holocaust during a 1-day trip from Warsaw to Majdanek State Museum - one of the best-preserved Nazi concentration camps. Optional: see Lublin Old Town, Lublin Castle, Cracow Gate, and more.

  • Visit the Majdanek Concentration Camp with a 5-Star Licensed Guide
  • Learn about the Holocaust crimes and Operation Reinhard
  • See the historic Old Town, Castle and other attractions of Lublin (12-hour tour only)
  • Discover traces of Lublin’s Jewish heritage and other interesting history (12-hour tour only)
  • Enjoy air-conditioned transportation with pickup and drop-off to your accommodation in Warsaw

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  • 8 - 12 hours
  • Private TourExclusive only for you
  • Just buy and we get organized immediatelyYour booking guarantees that the tour is already fully organized, come and enjoy!
  • Live GuideEnglish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Polish
  • Car Transport
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Full description

Travel with us from Warsaw to Lubin, to explore the site of the best-preserved camp of the Holocaust and one of the first major concentration camp liberated by Allied forces, the Majdanek Concentration and Extermination Camp. Immerse yourself in the turbulent history of Lublin.

Book a 8-hour guided car trip from Warsaw to Majdanek Concentration Camp. Travel in comfort in a private car, with pickup and drop-off directly at your accommodation in Warsaw. Upon arrival in Majdanek, our Expert Guide will take you on an essential walking tour of the former Nazi concentration and extermination camp built and operated by the SS during World War II.

The Majdanek State Museum occupies the the area of one of the largest Holocaust sites, with some 227 structures, including 7 gas chambers and 2 wooden gallows. In one of the barracks, you will find an educational exhibit of the Majdanek State Museum. Although the camp was originally built as a labour concentration camp, it was used to kill people on an industrial scale during Operation Reinhard. Discover the gruesome stories of forced labour, starvation, disease and death of Nazi war prisoners, including Soviet POW, Poles, and Jews.

Choose the 12-hour option to visit the Majdanek Concentration Camp and see the highlights of Lublin Old Town. As one of the most important trade cities and military strongholds in Poland during the Middle Ages, Lublin boasts many impressive architectural monuments. See the charming Castle Square featuring the medieval Lublin Castle and stroll along the narrow Old Town streets to the beautiful Dominican Abbey.

Follow your Private Guide to the Market Square to see the Old Town Hall, the iconic Fish Gate, and stunning old tenement houses. Continue along the ancient royal road Krolewiecka with many landmarks such as St John the Baptist Cathedral and Trynitarska Tower. Pass by the Stone of Misfortune – resisting the urge to touch it, to the last point of interest, Dominican Square. Immerse yourself in local history and culture, and learn about notable residents of Lublin, such as Potocki, Kraszewski and Wieniawski. After an exciting but long day of sightseeing, you will enjoy a convenient, private transportation back to your accommodation in Warsaw.

  • Guided Day trip from Warsaw to Majdanek Concentration Camp and Lublin Old Town (number of attractions depends on the selected option)
  • 5-Star Licensed Guide who is fluent in the language selected when booking
  • Admission to the Majdanek Concentration Camp
  • Walking Tour of Lublin Old Town (12-hour option only)
  • Private car transfers with pickup and drop-off at your accommodation in Warsaw
  • Walking Tour of Lublin Old Town (in the 8-hour option)
  • Lunch (optional)

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  • Please check your email the day before the tour for important information.
  • Please note that the number of attractions depends on the selected option. You will not see Lublin’s Old Town on a 8-hour tour.
  • We will arrange private transfers in a standard car (sedan) for groups of 1-4 people, and in a larger van or minibus for groups of 5 people and more. If you’re traveling in a smaller group but want to travel in a more spacious car, we recommend booking a 5-people tour to take advantage of a larger vehicle.\
  • Lunch / table reservations can be arranged upon request.