Vodka Tasting Warsaw – Try National Polish Liquor

Poland is a country of vodka lovers. That shouldn’t be a big surprise. You can’t compare flavour of Polish Vodka to anything else. It is unique so its quality can’t be forged. If you are in Warsaw you should definitely join one of our Vodka Tasting tour and try it!

Polish people drink vodka during parties and family meetings. People traditionally consume it with pickle, herring or steak tartare.

Polish Vodka is so good that it gained popularity worldwide. Because of that, you can often see it or hear references to it on a big screen. For example, Polish vodka appeared in James Bond movie! Mr. Bond preffered Polish vodka instead of the Russian one.

There are few interesting fun facts. In 1967, The Rolling Stones performed in Warsaw. However, money wasn’t the good payment to the band. They wanted the wagon of Polish vodka! Sadly, British border guards returned the wagon to Poland. The band members weren’t able to consume their pay.

Another fun fact worth to mention is that Pablo Picasso was also a big Polish Vodka lover.

Moreover, in Warsaw you can find the Polish Vodka Museum! It is located in former vodka factory building. This is the only vodka museum in the world!

Polish Vodka Facts and Production


Vodka production in Poland keeps up for more than 600 years!

Production of Polish vodka is split into two stages. The first stage takes place in small farm distilleries. There the agricultural distillate is made.

In the second stage, the spirit goes to a distillation and rectification plant. Then, it is mixed with water. The final purification of vodka begins.

You need to remember about two things before you call vodka the Polish one. Firstly, that two stages needs to take place in Poland. Secondly, the alcohol needs to be made of Polish raw materials.

Nowadays, around 100 distilleries are operating in Poland.

Polish vodka can be made of 5 types of cereal and also potatoes. In the current vodka definition you can find that it can be produced from oats, rye, barley, whear, triticale or potatoes.

The majority of people are consuming ice cold vodka. In fact, 6°C to 8°C is the best temperature to serve it. Then vodka will have all of the characteristic properties.

The line of EU definition says that vodka needs to be at least 37.5% strong to be consider as vodka. However, Polish traditional vodkas are 40% strong.

Warsaw Vodka Tasting Tour

Warsaw Vodka Tasting Tour will be a perfect chance to try this National Polish Liquor! You will also have amazing local guide! Try a variety of Polish vodkas as well as traditional snacks.

Your guide will tell you about Poland’s rich vodka history. He will also tell you about traditions connected to vodka.

Warsaw Vodka Tasting Group Tour

If you are traveling with a group of friends this tour will be perfect option for you! You will spend 2.25 hours trying the Polish vodka in beautiful Warsaw. You will try 6 kinds of Polish vodkas and visit 4 different places.

Our Warsaw Vodka Tasting Group Tour takes place everyday at 6:30 pm! Pick the best day for you and join our amazing tour here!

Warsaw Vodka Tasting Private Tour


Join our Warsaw Vodka Tasting Private Tour! Try different samples of vodka. You will also learn how to drink vodka in traditional Polish way! Each of the places will give you different experience as well as vodka selection.

You have 3 version of the private tour to choose from:

  • 2 hours option

During 2-hours option you will try 5 vodkas at 3 different venues (no restaurant). You will try selected appetizers as well.

  • 3 hours option

During 3-hours option you will try 7 vodkas at 4 different venues (with restaurant). You will also have more snacks to try.

  • 4 hours option

This option is combination of tasting Polish Vodka as well as traditional food. During 4-hours option you will visit 5 different venues and 2 of them will be restaurants. You will try there 10 vodkas and lots of dishes.

All of the options take place everyday at 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:30 pm, 5:00 pm, 6:00 pm, 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Pick the best time for you and join our amazing private tour! You can book the tour HERE!

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