A Visit to Treblinka Concentration Camp in Warsaw

Nazi created Treblinka Concentration and Extermination Camp during World War II in Poland. Treblinka was divided into two camps. They placed the camps 2 kilometers apart from each other.

Nazi built Treblinka camps 80 kilometers northeast of the Polish capital – Warsaw. Before WWII gravel mining enterprises operated there. They picked that location for a few reasons. First of all, it was deep in the woods. Due to nearby railway tracks, it was also connected to the most of major cities in central Poland. In conclusion, Nazis picked the perfect location. It was not only isolated but also well connected to some of the largest Jewish Ghettos.


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Treblinka I

Nazi created Treblinka I as a forced labor camp. They opened it on 1 September 1941. The average sentence length was six months. However, many prisoners had their sentences indefinitely extended.

Treblinka I existence for three years. By that time 20, 000 people died there. Half of the prisoners died from hunger, exhaustion, or disease. Nazi released the rest of them after their sentences ended. In addition, Poles from nearby villages were the majority of that group.


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Treblinka II

Unlike the other Nazi concentration camps, Treblinka II as well as Bełżec and Sobibór weren’t used as forced labor camps. They made these camps with only one function – to kill.

Nazi divided Treblinka II into three parts. Guards lived in Camp 1. Camp 2 was the area where they offloaded prisoners from transports. Camp 3 was the gas chamber location.

Nazi killed between 700,000 to 900,000 Jews and also 2,000 Romani people there. Treblinka II was the second-largest extermination camp in Europe, right after Auschwitz.


Treblinka Concentration Camp After War

After the war, the government bought the land where the camps were. Between 1959 and 1962, the government made the decision to build a large stone memorial there.

In 1989, after the end of communism, more and more abroad visitors started coming to Treblinka.

In 2006, an exhibition center opened at the camp.

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