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8 empfohlene Orte, die Sie sehen sollten

Die Stadt spielte einst eine wichtige strategische Rolle. Trotz der Tatsache, dass es im Laufe der Jahrhunderte oft von Feinden zerstört wurde, sind viele wertvolle Gebäude erhalten geblieben. Durch die Gebäude aus roten gotischen Ziegeln wurde die Stadt in die Liste des UNESCO-Weltkulturerbes aufgenommen.

1. Old Market Square

On the list of sights, you will surely find bourgeois tenement houses in the Old Town. Despite the effects of bombing from World War II, today we can see a lot of beautiful buildings from different eras with fantastic gables and facades.


2. Rathaus

One of the most interesting and valuable buildings in Stralsund is definitely the Town Hall. It took 150 years to build, but it was worth it! The most impressive is the decorative gable with seven towers.


3. St. Mary’s Church

St. Mary’s Church is true pride of the city. It is a magnificent building. Almost from every place in the town you can see its stunning tower. The interior is fabolous as well. Certainly the organs catch the eye, but also the main altar which says some story.


4. Rugen Island

Take a one day trip to Rugen Island and meet its secrets. Visit the most interesting Baltic Island. It is a post-glacial landscape, less-urbanized areas full of lush forests and small villages. Moreover, it has interesting spits, lagoons, bays, peninsulas, islets and islands.


5. Gorch Fock

The Gorch Fock was used as a training ship by German naval forces until 1945. After years of an unsure future and being owned by several nations, the ship can now be visited as it is once again moored at Stralsund’s harbour.


6. Marina and Harbour

Reach the local harbour with fantastic views of Marina. The view is wonderful - full of small boats, fishermans or just people passionate about the sea. Here you can also experience a great boat cruise and see even more in the near area.


7. St. Nicholas Church

Discover a church with tons of history inside. St. Nicholas Church has nice towers and a portal (main gate) as well, but most of its beauty you will find inside. The rumour says that the Ancient clock which is inside is the oldest one in Europe!


8. Historic City Gates

Explore Stralsund and see strong Defense City Walls with multiple towers and gates, like famous Kniepertor and Kütertor. It’s lovely to see how this small town showed its own power years ago. In Medieval Times they had even 11 gates and 30 towers!