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10 empfohlene Orte, die Sie sehen sollten

Stadt, die die unglaubliche Geschichte des Herzogtums Pommern verbirgt, Heimat des größten Seehafens Polens und einer atemberaubenden Aussicht auf die Odra. Sie werden überrascht sein, wie großartig Stettin sein kann, wenn Sie über den Marktplatz, das Herzogschloss und das königliche Tor gehen.


1. Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle

See the pride of Szczecin - the Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle. Get familiar with great history of Duchy of Pomerania and admire richly decorated buildings. Walk around fantastic courtyards and feel Medieval vibes.


2. Waly Chrobrego Promenade

Look at the favourite landscape among the tourists and locals as well. People just love Wały Chrobrego Promenade and spend time there. From there you can enjoy the view of Odra River, harbour and nice buildings.


3. Philharmonic

In this small adorable city built modern and very special building on a global scale. It’s Philharmonic and its magnificent architecture. The building is distinguished by courage and lightness, but at the same time fits well with Gothic surrounding.


4. Underground Routes

Experience unique adventure when you go underground to see what Szczecin hides. Skip the line in Underground Routes and explore the largest non-military shelter. See special show with exhibitions, sounds and lights about World War II.


5. Basilica of St James Apostle

One of the highest churches in Poland with breathtaking view point on the top of the tower. Take the chance to explore Basilica of St James Apostle and see great interior, fantastic stained glass and many chapels.


6. Bulwar Piastowski

Szczecin is strongly associated with marine culture and this is a solid fact, but you truly realize it when you walk on Bulwar Piastowski. Local sculptures show long culture of shipping and seas and it’s really nice place to relax.


7. Royal Gate

In Medieval Times gates has important role in city. They combine military and decorative functions. One of the best are located exactly in Szczecin. Feel like a king under Royal Gate and look at rich decorations and emblematic sundial.


8. Sienny Square

Formerly a place of trade and negotiation of merchants now place for connecting people. Enjoy great vibes of Sienny Square and sit among colourful Medieval buildings. Look at former Town Hall and hear the legends of Old Town.


9. Loitz Tenement

It is one of icons of Szczecin. This orange building it’s not only place with flats. This unique Loitz Tenement is real heritage of local bourgeois family. See great building and get familiar with incredible story.


10. Water Gate

Imagine swirling water over your head and colourful lights around. It’s possible when you meet fantastic Water Gate. This innovative fountain makes smiles at every face when people come to enjoy time here.