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8 empfohlene Orte, die Sie sehen sollten

Umgeben von drei Flüssen, einer kleinen und schönen Stadt, in der Sie eine Reihe historischer Gebäude wie das polnische Postamt oder die Kathedrale von Bydgoszcz finden. Von hier aus können Sie bequem in eine andere fantastische Stadt reisen: Torun, Malbork, Stutthof oder sogar Gdanks.

1. Grodzka Street

Grodzka Street is the main street of historical Old Town in Bydgoszcz and it has a great location as it stretches along Brda River waterfront, following an east-west axis. Here you will find some historical buildings and some modern one.


2. Market Square

In the Old Market Square itself you will find many curiosities, and each building is a separate story. The newly renovated slab of the Old Market Square is crossed by a line marking the eighteenth meridian, which ends with a clock indicating the local time, formerly applicable in everyday life.


3. Mill's Island

Explore the Mill Island. There you will find a huge, always green lawn where you can take a picnic and rest for a while, gathering strength for further adventures. The setting is charming. There are many old buildings around.


4. University Bridge

There are different access roads to Bydgoszcz. One of them is the university bridge. It is unique due to its interesting architecture. It arranges and winds fantastically on the landscape of Bydgoszcz.


5. Bydgoszcz Cathedral

Bydgoszcz Cathedral of St. Marcin and Mikołaj - is the oldest church and the oldest building in Bydgoszcz. In addition, it has a unique interior with beautiful decorations and a rare purple accent.


6. Building of the Polish Post Office

See very impressive building of the Polish Post Office. It keeps the oldest information about the functioning of the former royal post office and it’s working nowadays for all citizens. It’s one of the showcases of Bydgoszcz.


7. Torun City

From Bydgoszcz you can easily jump out to Torun city. Such an adorable town! There you will meet history of Teutonic Knights and see their castle, meet Copernicus achievements, explore cosmos in Planetarium or make your own cookie in The Living Museum of Gingerbread.


8. Malbork Castle

Visit the top attraction which is even on the UNESCO list. It’s time to explore the largest brick castle in the world in Malbork! Enter the fortress of Teutonic Knights Order and experience great Medieval adventure inside.