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10 рекомендуемые места

Богатство истории и архитектуры Кракова настолько впечатлило, что он был включен в первый список Всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО. Особая благодарность Вавельскому замку, главной площади, церкви Святой Марии и району Казимеж, которые заставляют людей влюбляться в этот город.


1. Wawel Castle

Visit the most beautiful fortress in Poland, located on hill and covered by amazing stories. Don't waste 2-3 hours of your time in the queue and skip the line to explore the rich interior of former monarchs, breathtaking Cathedral and Chambers.


2. Wawel Cathedral

Imagine sublime atmosphere of great artists, monarchs and national heroes hidden in the oldest underground building. Find one of the most important part of history inside Wawel Cathedral - the coronation and burial place of Polish kings.


3. Old Town

Follow in the footsteps of the Kings of Poland as you explore the famous Royal Route through the medieval Old Town. Discover Main Market Square with fantastic Cloth Hall, beautiful Town Hall and statue of Adam Mickiewicz.


4. Kazimierz District

See the legendary city of Jews which developed to magic area in Krakow thanks turbulent history past years. Dive into Kazimierz District and be amazed at adorable buildings, narrow alleys and nice area to relax.

warsaw to auschwitz

5. Auschwitz

Meet the biggest Nazi concentration camp from the World War II as the most moving place in the world. Get true and visible history, take a walk in Auschwitz-Birkenau to hear dreadful story with private pick up and drop off service.


6. Sukiennice

This icon of Krakow shines in the center of Market Square. Explore Cloth Hall, listen amazing history of local traditions developed there and admire this stunning building with great decorations.


7. St Mary’s Church

Enter the most known Church in Poland. The interior hides the unique masterpiece of Veit Stoss as an Altar. Get an extraordinary to look inside St. Mary’s Church and admire the Altar in Presbytery, fantastic stained glass and paintings of Matejko.


8. Wieliczka

The Wieliczka salt mine stopped churning out salt in 2007. After centuries of salt production, it still continues to be a major draw for tourists, due to its underground salt art and architectural design.


9. Synagogue

There is no better place than Krakow to get familiar with Jews history. On the tour of Jewish Ghetto and Synagogue you will have great chance to fully explore authentic Jewish Quarter, Ghetto walls, Temple and Old Synagogue.


10. History Land

Visit this modern place where the history is shown in unique way - by LEGO bricks! Let kids find themself in the heart of events and learn the history of Poland by interactive models and solutions in Family friendly HistoryLand.