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10 рекомендуемые места

Польша, помимо глубокой и бурной истории, может многое предложить для осмотра достопримечательностей. Откройте для себя длинную береговую линию Балтийского моря, познакомьтесь с королевским городом и Вавельским замком, откройте для себя современность и историю столицы и еще больше секретов.


1. Wawel Castle

Visit the most beautiful fortress in Poland, located on hill and covered by amazing stories. Don't waste 2-3 hours of your time in the queue and skip the line to explore the rich interior of former monarchs, breathtaking Cathedral and Chambers.


2. Auschwitz

Meet the biggest Nazi concentration camp from the World War II as the most moving place in the world. Get true and visible history, take a walk in Auschwitz-Birkenau to hear dreadful story with private pick up and drop off service.

warsaw to auschwitz

3. Wilanow Palace

Discover the real beauty of architecture and nature in Wilanow Royal Palace with Gardens. Palace is hiding richly decorated and ornamented rooms such as White Hall, Apartments of King Sobieski and outside delightful Rosarium.


4. Gdansk Old Town

Marvel at the hidden gems in Gdansk Old Town like: Main Market Square, Gates accessible to the powerful monarchs in former days, Arthur's Court and other sights typical for special Baltic culture such as Neptune's Fountain.


5. Lazienki Park

This huge green area delights all visitors year by year. Take part in gondola cruise in Lazienki Park and reach the Royal Palace also called as a Palace on the Water. Skip the line and explore stunning chambers and apartments of Polish presidents.


6. Ostrow Tumski Wroclaw

Going to this part of the city is like moving to different land and times. Ostrow Tumski on Cathedral Island is the oldest part of the city. It delights visitors by its architecture, spiritual area, the highest cathedrals and outstanding constructions.


7. Sukiennice

This icon of Krakow shines in the center of Market Square. Explore Cloth Hall, listen amazing history of local traditions developed there and admire this stunning building with great decorations.


8. Westerplatte

See one of a kind territory in beautiful area, full of turbulent and moving history related to World War II. Choose the most suitable transport for you to Explore Westerplatte. Go on the tour by comfortable car or have a cruise on the local ship.


9. Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle

See the pride of Szczecin - the Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle. Get familiar with great history of Duchy of Pomerania and admire richly decorated buildings. Walk around fantastic courtyards and feel Medieval vibes.


10. Kashubian Switzerland

This region is well known for its rich culture and traditions, but also stunning view on peaceful lakes, hills and forests. Besides that, Kaszuby also has its own unique language, and exquisite cuisine.