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10 рекомендуемые места

Средневековые времена действительно отметились в этом прекрасном городе. Первоначально он был построен на нескольких островах, поэтому в городе много прекрасных мостов и великолепная архитектура. Рыночная площадь, Зал столетия или остров Тумский - это праздник для глаз туристов.


1. Ostrów Tumski

Going to this part of the city is like moving to different land and times. Ostrow Tumski on Cathedral Island is the oldest part of the city. It delights visitors by its architecture, spiritual area, the highest cathedrals and outstanding constructions.


2. Old Town

Is considered the prettiest market in Poland, especially because of colourful buildings, unique Town Hall, friendly atmosphere and lots of sculptures and legends. People just love Wroclaw Old Town and they are happy to come back again!


3. Panorama Racławicka

Explore rounded shape building, get inside to see unique painting with special kind of perspective used in its which showing the Battle of Raclawice. Skip the line and enjoy special show in Panorama Raclawicka with lights and sounds.


4. Ksiaz Castle

Over 700 years of undiscovered history, wonderful views and stunning architecture located on Silesian hill among the beautiful nature. Discover Ksiaz Castle and its rich baroque, renaissance and rococo interior by comfortable transfer with pick up and drop off.


5. Jewish Quarter

Visit one of a kind District of Four Denominations, a unique place where different religions connect with each other. Explore Jewish Quarter with Synogogues, Jewish streets and find out how strong was their community in Wroclaw history.


6. Cathedral of St John the Baptist

This is the greatest sight of Gothic religious architecture. Look inside and lose your breath, because of interior. It is absolutely stunning and has even 21 chapels. Go on top of Cathedral of Baptist towers and see amazing panorama of Wroclaw


7. Wrocław Dwarves

Keep a look out for the famous dwarves that were placed around the city as part of the anti-Communist Orange Alternative movement. Take the challenge and find all Wroclaw Dwarves! You will see how funny and cute are those copper mini sculptures.


8. The White Stork Synagogue

The oldest Synagogue in Wroclaw and always well-kept by community. Enter the White Stork Synagogue which has magnificent interior, rich decorations and moving exhibitions about 800-years history of Jews in Poland.

wroclaw city tour

9. Centennial Hall

This original construction is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and people around the world come to see this unique architectural masterpiece. Look inside monumental Centennial Hall and admire strong character of this building.


10. Wroclaw Zoo

The oldest Zoo in Poland has rich and large animal collection. Experience great lesson and fun in Wrocław Zoo! It’s not only staring at animals, but exploring their world, visiting one of a kind Africarium, exotic Terrarium and much more.