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10 рекомендуемые места

С годами столица Варшава так быстро превратилась в современный мир с очень живой атмосферой, но при этом сохранил скрытые исторические жемчужины и наследие. Полюбуйтесь богатством Вилановского дворца, Королевского замка и Дворца культуры и науки, а также окунитесь в живописную природу в парке Лазенки.


1. Palace of Culture and Science

Breathtaking view over Warsaw from terrace of the highest building in whole Poland, interesting interior and special story of PRL times - all in one during your visit at the Palace of Culture and Science with skip the line entrance ticket.


2. Royal Castle

Step inside fantastic seat of monarchs, see rich interior and Kings’ chambers full of old historical paintings and decorations. Avoid the queue in Royal Castle, get inside easily and enjoy the heritage and wealth.


3. Wilanow Palace

Discover the real beauty of architecture and nature in Wilanow Royal Palace with Gardens. Palace is hiding richly decorated and ornamented rooms such as White Hall, Apartments of King Sobieski and outside delightful Rosarium.


4. Lazienki Park

This huge green area delights all visitors year by year. Take part in gondola cruise in Lazienki Park and reach the Royal Palace also called as a Palace on the Water. Skip the line and explore stunning chambers and apartments of Polish presidents.

lazienki park

5. Jewish Ghetto

Explore the real-life neighborhoods, streets, and homes that made up the Warsaw Ghetto, the largest of all the Jewish ghettos in Europe during World War II. Walk around fragments of ghetto, walls and remains of buildings to feel harrowing story.


6. Chopin Museum

Feel the vibe of piano music from Romantic era with history of great composer - Frederic Chopin. Explore interactive Chopin Museum with skip the line tickets and be amazed by listening concert of his music in a Church where he used to play years ago.


7. Warsaw Old Market

The most lively and vibrant place was always on the Warsaw Old Market. Right here you will discover most of city gems like Sigmund's Column, Warsaw Barbican or Monument to the Warsaw Uprising Fighters.


8. Castle Square

Stand on the huge square and be amazed by Old Town buildings, Royal Castle and King’s Column. Move back in time on Castle Square to feel times of powerful monarchs and kings who lived here before.


9. Palace on the Isle

Imagine beautiful nature in Park, water channel, small river and extraordinary building i the middle on the island. It’s stunning Belweder Palace on the Water. Look inside and feed your eyes with these magnificent architecture and decorations.


10. Copernicus Science Centre

Enter magic and fascinating world of Copernicus - one of the most famous scientist in the world. Explore fantastic Copernicus Science Centre to discover the secrets of nature, conduct your own experiments and have fun!