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10 lugares recomendados que deberías ver

Ciudad capital fascinante, tempestuosa y moderna de Alemania. Conoce Berlín con su turbulenta historia. Descubra todos los aspectos de esta ciudad vanguardista. Explore de este a oeste y vea el muro de Berlín, el edificio del Reichstag y la catedral de Berlín.


1. Reichstag Building

The old Reich Parliament building in Berlin, and now the seat of the Bundestag. After almost completely burning down in the '30s, it was renovated with a modern twist. Thanks to this, we can admire the impressive glass dome and the beautiful facade.


2. Berlin Wall

You will find the famous Berlin Wall in the Mitte district. The wall is a symbol of the division into the former West Germany and East Germany, today it is only a warning and a reminder of the value of freedom. The wall is also one of the largest open-air art galleries. Go and check murals!


3. Museum Island

Explore the famous Museum Island. It began with the collection of works of art assembled by Frederick William III. The collection grew and was distributed to several museums close by. In 1999, the entire island was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


4. Holocaust Memorial

A unique place for a moment of reflection and reflection on what harm one person can do to another. The monument commemorates the extermination of Jews during World War II, and covers over 19,000 km2.


5. Brandenburg Gate

See the most iconic landmark of Berlin! It is over 26 meters high in the very center of the city. It used to be impossible to pass through it. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate was officially opened. And it is a symbol of the unification of the country.


6. Philharmonie Berlin

This magnificent Concert Hall in Berlin is one of the best cultural points on the map. The interesting architecture call many people, but its fame is also because fantastic acoustic qualities. For a music fans - Must See place.


7. Berlin Cathedral

Already from outside Berlin Cathedral looks impressive. You won’t miss its dome with a diameter of 33 meters! Inside you will discover various nooks and crannies. See Main Altar, stunning Organs, decorative sarcophagi, cathedral museum and much more.


8. Bebelplatz

Bebelplatz in the centre of Berlin has seen everything – from the bright dawn of the Enlightenment to the dark days of Nazism. It is the most attractive public squares as you will find here magnificent buildings such as St. Hedwig’s Cathedral.


9. Alexanderplatz

The most lively square in the city, a meeting place, a place with a soul! Alexanderplatz was always a place which attracts crowds of people. Here you will find the Friendship Fountain and Urania World Clock. In near area also famous Television Tower!


10. St. Mary’s Church

One of the oldest churches in Berlin. Berlin has suffered many fires in the past, and this Church wasn’t spared from them.Today, the church’s main attraction, even for non-believers, is the fresco painting entitled Dance of Death. More than 22 m long and 2 m high.