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10 рекомендуемые места

1. Majdanek Memorial

Easy to access and Must See places as it is very close to Lublin. Discover history of Majdanek - German Nazi concentration camp. Now you can experience this moving lesson about Nazi Holocaust and dark times of the WWII in authentic facility.


2. Old Town

Weathered tenement houses, alleys, narrow streets and murals with poems create a unique atmosphere of the city. Lublin Old Town is different, but it has specific nice vibes. Immerse yourself here and simply enjoy old architecture.


3. Lublin Castle

Meet the turbulent history of Lublin Caste. Find out which functions did it perform or what kinds of residents hosted. Sounds curious? Step by step follow the huge walls of Castle and see massive towers.


4. Fontanna Multimedialna

Lovely place to sit and relax especially in the evening. Magical sound of running water and multi colour show take place at Fontanna Multimedialna. It’s a joyful experience and Must Do activity while your staying in Lublin!


5. Centre for the Meeting of Cultures

The building itself is impressive architecturally, and there's always something happening there. See modern Centre for the Meeting of Cultures. It has countless spaces for exhibitions, a modern theatre, a brewery, cafe and gift shop.


6. Trinity Tower

Admire Trinity Tower in Lublin, as it is the highest historic high point in Lublin. From the viewing platform, at a height of 40 meters, there is a great panorama of the city. Moreover inside you will find a lot of local art and sculptures.


7. St. John the Baptist Cathedral

Visit spectacular Cathedral, one of the most amazing in Poland and a great example of Baroque style! Inside St. John the Baptist Cathedral all looks very new and maintained with good care. The frescoes are stunning as well!


8. Fara Square

It is a very charming square with remains of the Old Church. There are beautiful buildings around with amazing architecture. Above all you actually will walk among Fara Square ruins so imagine what was here years ago.


9. Krakowska Gate

Defensive city walls of Lublin had a very important role in Medieval Times. So here you will see Krakowska Gate! One of the greatest gates. Just imagine Medieval Knights who entered this gate years ago, and now you do it the same.


10. Lublin Union Monument

Monument dedicated to Polish and Lithuanian Union. In the past the real union was created between the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Discover more history of Lublin Union Monument.