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10 рекомендуемые места

1. Kosciuszki Square

Kosciuszki Square is undoubtedly the showcase of Gdynia! People just love to come here. From here you have marvelous view of beach with cliffs, the sea, many ships and sailors and a remarkable Sea Tower building! And it is perfect place to taste Baltic cuisine.


2. ORP Blyskawica

Right behind Kosciuszko Square, the eye is attracted by the slender silhouette of a warship painted in surprising gray and blue triangles. This is ORP "Błyskawica" - a living legend of the Polish Navy.


3. Dar Pomorza

Symbol of Polish sailing and the embodiment of Poles' dreams of a sea adventure. Although it has not been swimming for a long time, it is filled with the atmosphere of sea life and the story of the first sea experiences of thousands of maritime adepts.


4. Torpedo Launch Station

Two Nazi torpedo research centers operated in occupied Poland during WWII. Both were located in Gdynia. It’s something unique where nowhere else is. Remains of sad and brutal history. Torpedo Stations are completely on the water, but from Gdynia you will see them.


5. Hel Peninsula

Hel is unique place at the end and the begging of Poland - Hel Peninsula which people just fall in love after one visit. There you will find Museum of Coastal Defence, Sealarium and Lighthouse. You can reach Hel Peninsula by local Catamaran boat cruise, it’s great experience!


6. Sopot

Enjoy visiting Sopot. Meet famous Monte Cassino street and take a walk on the longest pier in all Baltic Sea. Walk between the water on wooden Pier in Sopot, surrounded by the best views in Tricity full of white beaches, cliffs, ships and luxury yachts.


7. Gdansk Old Town

Marvel at the hidden gems in Gdansk Old Town like: Main Market Square, Gates accessible to the powerful monarchs in former days, Arthur's Court, Neptune’s Fountain and other sights hidden here. Discover them all in the best Old Town in Poland!


8. Stutthof

Explore the first concentration camp built in Poland by the Nazis. See one of the biggest crime from the past in the authentic Concentration Camp in Stutthof. This moving journey delivers essential values of those historic events.


9. Kashubian Switzerland

This region is well known for its rich culture and traditions, but also stunning view on peaceful lakes, hills and forests. Besides that, Kaszuby also has its own unique language, and exquisite cuisine.


10. Malbork Castle

Visit the top attraction which is even on the UNESCO list. It’s time to explore the largest brick castle in the world in Malbork! Enter the fortress of Teutonic Knights Order and experience great Medieval adventure inside.