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10 рекомендуемые места


1. Spodek

When you think about Katowice city definitely amazing Spodek comes first to every mind. This landmark of Katowice is built in a retro-futuristic communist style and looks like a spaceship.


2. National Symphony Orchestra of the Polish Radio

Amazing concerts, fabolous quality of sounds and stunning hall… Everything of these you can find in national pride - National Symphony Orchestra of the Polish Radio. The building itself looks marvelous and innovative as well.


3. Silesian Insurgents' Monument

It is a unique monument which shows part of the modern history of the region. Get familiar with incredible story of Silesian Insurgents. This huge statue moves the mind and soul with its creative construction.


4. District of Culture

Well designed and well maintained zone with a mixture of modern and historic (industrial) buildings. If you want to see something unusual then definitely you should walk to District of Culture.


5. Mariacka Street

Simple and special in the same time. Stroll along fantastic Mariacka Street and discover great atmosphere of locals in cozy cafeterias, pubs or just have a relaxing walk among old fashioned buildings.


6. Monument to the Scouts of September

Monumental statue of young men who were forced to fightings years ago. Moving Monument to the Scouts of September shows young courage, stubbornness and honor.


7. St. Mary’s Church

Fantastic located church at the end of highly liked Mariacka Street. Stroll down and admire St. Mary’s Church as a small towers until you stand under this extraordinary masterpiece. The whole architecture here is really eye-catching.


8. Cathedral of Christ the King

Hidden gem, outstanding idea, different perspective outside than inside. Get inside great Cathedral of Christ the King and be surprised how interesting is the interior compared to government-look from outside.


9. Silesian Terrace

Get extraordinary occasion at Silesian Terrace and enjoy the best viewpoint in Katowice. With the ticket you will ride up at the top of innovative Silesian Museum where you will see great panorama of Katowice


10. Nikiszowiec

The workers’ district, one of top attractions as an one of a kind place with such characteristic for Silesia architecture. Enjoy the visit in Nikiszowiec to feel the vibe of former life of locals.