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10 рекомендуемые места

Бурная история Второй мировой войны, живописные пейзажи или очаровательный Старый город? Нет необходимости выбирать что-то одно, потому что Гданьск предлагает все. И это один из самых красивых городов на берегу Балтийского моря.


1. Old Town and Main Town

Marvel at the hidden gems in Gdansk Old Town like: Main Market Square, Gates accessible to the powerful monarchs in former days, Arthur's Court and other sights typical for special Baltic culture.


2. Stutthof Concentration Camp

Explore the first concentration camp built in Poland by the Nazis. See one of the biggest crime from the past in authentic Concentration Camp in Stutthof. This moving journey delivers essential values of those historic events.


3. European Solidarity Centre Museum

Look around modern museum facility in the Industrial style on the premises of the former Gdańsk Shipyard. Skip the line in European Solidarity Centre to take journey full of reflection of local history.


4. Malbork Castle

Visit the top attraction which is even on the UNESCO list. It’s time to explore the largest brick castle in the world in Malbork! Enter the fortress of Teutonic Knights Order and experience great Medieval adventure inside.


5. Westerplatte

See one of a kind territory in beautiful area, full of turbulent and moving history related to World War II. Choose the most suitable transport for you to Explore Westerplatte. Go on the tour by comfortable car or have a cruise on the local ship.


6. Museum of the Second World War

Everybody heard about the Second World War, but after many years still some facts stay undiscovered. Only in this Museum of World War II you will get real knowledge, broader perspective and different point of view from people around the world.


7. Pier in Sopot

Take an amazing walk on the longest pier in all Baltic Sea. Imagine you walk between the water on wooden Pier in Sopot, surrounded by the best views in Tricity full of white beaches, cliffs, ships and luxury yachts.


8. TriCity beach

Many people moved in Tricity just because of the beaches and Baltic Sea. Beaches in Tricity are definitely pride of this location even compared to the most famous ones on the world! Admire beauty of clean, white and wide local beach.


9. Oliwa Park

Fresh and relaxing breath in the middle of city, it’s possible! Enter the Oliwa Park and admire the nature on every corner during walk. Pass beautiful French Gardens, nice building architecture of museums, exotiv Palm House and small waterfalls.


10. Amber Altar

Take a chance to see very unique Altar made entirely of Amber in one of the most famous churches - St. Bridget's Church. Look one of a kind idea for using Amber, which is characteristic raw material especially for Gdansk.